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CHANDOX Implements Advantech's AIM-37 Tablet for Papperles Data Managment


Project Introduction

Founded in 1983, CHANDOX Precision Industrial, an industrial parts manufacturer, develops innovative designs and manufacturing technology for chucks and other related accessories. In accordance with their commitment to deliver premium services that meet customer requirements, CHANDOX recently evaluated the efficiency of its production lines and discovered consistent delays, errors, and inaccurate record keeping during manufacturing.

To address these issues, CHANDOX decided to implement tablet devices for use as paperless data collectors,in addition to a slim tablet equipped with the Windows 10 IoT operating system for further software development.Advantech’s AIM-37 industrial-grade tablet features a slim and compact design, IP54-rated front panel,and various value-added accessories, making it ideal for their application requirements. After conducting adevice evaluation, CHANDOX adopted Advantech’s AIM-37 tablets as paperless data collection terminals.

Solution Description

  • Advantech’s AIM -37 10” industrial-grade tablet
  • Advantech's AIM-37 wall-mounted crade with charger
  • Advantech's stylus pen

System Requirements

  • Industrial-grade tablet with wall-mounted charger and stylus pen
  • 10" tablet equipped with Windows 10 IoT OS
  • IP54-rated protection from water and dust ingress
  • Stable, high-performance device with a long product life cycle


Industrial-Grade Tablet with Windows 10 IoT for Enhanced Reliability

Advantech’s AIM-37 tablet provides a durable and trusted industrial-grade solution for critical factory environments. AIM-37 features an IP54-rated front panel that protects the system from dust, oil, and water ingress in order to prevent any interference in sensor function. Additionally,AIM-37 is equipped with Windows 10 IoT OS, which allows users to develop unique software for optimized control and management.

Paperless, Real-Time Data Collection for Enhanced Manufacturing

To improve the efficiency of manufacturing,CHANDOX implemented AIM-37 tablets with wireless communication capabilities to enable paperless, real-time data transmissions.With these tablets, real-time  production data can be recorded and transmitted to a cloud-based server. This allows managers to remotely access and review the operating status of each product online. Additionally, they can configure the devices to send notifications when errors occur or the product online is slow.

Unique Mount Kit Supports Battery Charging and Cable Management

Equipped with Advantech’s AIM-37 mount kit, the AIM-37 tablet not only supports automatically battery recharging for sustainable power and long-duration operation, but is also compatible with pole-mounting for limited-space installations.


  • Slim, industrial-grade tablet delivers stable, high-performance computing
  • Supports Windows 10 IoT OS to enable flexible software development
  • Allows real-time data transmissions for remote management
  • IP54-rated front panel protects against water, dust, and oil ingress