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【New Product Announcement】TREK-134 Ultra-Wide 180° Blind Spot Detection for Collision Avoidance


Taipei, Taiwan, April 2019 – Advantech, a leading provider of mobile computing platforms, is pleased to announce its TREK-134 ultra-wide (180°) blind spot detection module aimed at trucks, buses, and heavy-duty vehicle fleets. Designed to enhance driving safety by monitoring the environment surrounding a vehicle, TREK-134 features an AHD 720 camera with a 180° ultra-wide viewing angle that can detect various moving objects, including pedestrians, cyclists, motorcycles, vehicles, and medium-sized animals. The AHD 720 camera also supports high dynamic range (HDR) imaging to ensure clear and accurate imaging even in direct sunlight or poorly lit environments. For reliable operation in harsh environments, TREK-134 is also MIL-STD-810G and EN60721 (5M3) certified for shock and vibration tolerance, IP68 rated for protection from dust and water ingress, and compatible with a wide operating temperature range (-30 ~ 85 °C/-22 ~ 185 °F). Moreover, TREK-134 can be easily installed via a single cable connection and paired with diverse in-vehicle computing devices (including all of Advantech’s TREK series terminals) to provide a comprehensive vehicle safety solution. Furthermore, with the inclusion of RS-485 protocol support, TREK-134 can be easily integrated with existing systems, reducing software development costs and streamlining integration.

Ultra-Wide Blind Spot Detection with Real-Time Alerts for Enhanced Safety

Advantech’s TREK-134 blind spot detection module is an active vision-based safety solution that uses image recognition technologies and algorithms to prevent accidents and ensure safe driving. The AHD camera with 720p@30fps resolution and a 180° ultra-wide viewing angle supports HDR imaging (more than 130 dB) to ensure clear and vivid imaging even in direct sunlight or poor lighting conditions for enhanced detection accuracy. The system is capable of detecting various moving objects (including pedestrians, cyclists, vehicles, and medium-sized animals) on the sides, front, and rear of the vehicle. If an object is detected within dangerous proximity, the system emits real-time visual and audio alerts to warn the driver to take appropriate action to avoid a collision. Moreover, in compliance with ISO-7637-II, the module supports 12/24 V input power and 9 ~ 36 VDC vehicle power, making it suitable for industrial in-vehicle applications.

Ultra-Wide (180°) Viewing Angle 

Clearer, Brighter and More Vivid

Direct Video Output Enables Real-Time Visualization for Improved Monitoring 

Unlike other blind spot detection systems that are only active when an object triggers a collision alert, TREK-134 uses video-based analytics that allows the detection data to be output as video for real-time visualization, eliminating the need to conduct manual checks of the vehicle surroundings. Additionally, the module’s lightweight (85 g) and compact form factor is optimized for operation in diverse vehicles with limited installation space.

High Compatibility and Easy Integration Minimize Software Development

To minimize software development costs and time, TREK-134 is equipped with RS-485 protocol support to ensure easy integration with existing systems. Unlike other similar products on the market, TREK-134 can be paired with any in-vehicle computing terminal, including Advantech’s TREK X86 series (TREK-6xx/5xx/7xx) systems, via a single-cable connection. This high compatibility and flexibility ensures convenient deployment and allows fleet managers to optimize fleet management operations for enhanced driving safety.

Key Features

  • 180° ultra-wide detection field  
  • Real-time visual and audio alarm notifications to warn drivers of potential collisions  
  • Video-based analytics enable detection data to be output as video for real-time visualization 
  •  AHD 720 high-definition camera  
  • HDR imaging ensures high-quality clear images  
  • Camera images/video can be output to a display  
  • Vehicle-grade design  
  • Wide operating temperature range (-30 ~ 85 °C/-22 ~ 185 °F)  
  • IP68 rated for protection from water and dust ingress  
  • MIL-STD-810G and EN60721 (5M3) certified for shock and vibration tolerance  
  • Easily paired with any in-vehicle computing terminal via a single-cable connection

Advantech’s TREK-134 blind spot detection module is available for order now. For more information about TREK-134 or other Advantech products and services, please contact your local sales team or visit our website at

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