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Advantech Released PSD Series DIN-Rail Power Supply


DIN-Rail power supplies are widely used by industrial applications such as in industrial automation or intelligent buildings. Advantech recently developed its new PSD series of DIN-Rail AC-DC power supplies in order to provide more product solutions for industrial customers. The PSD series of products are single output DIN-Rail power supplies with 40 and 60 watts of output power. The main benefits of PSD series are: compact size 3.41 watts per inch3, metal case design, excellent performance under thermal stress, and high efficiency. 


  • Brief: Input: Universal 85 ~ 264 VAC and 120 ~ 375 VDC. 
  • Output: Single output 12, 24 and 48VDC. 40 and 60 watts output power.     

Compact Design: 

Thanks to their compact design, PSD 60 W series can reach a high power density of 3.41 watts per inch3. Crucially, the limited space inside the case can comfortably accommodate DIN Rails and PSD series has a narrow design width of only 32 mm to give customers more flexibility.

Rugged Design:

PSD series products are designed with metal cases which provide better protection, thermal dissipation, and stable performance. They are able to operate at full load under 55°C, and their Japanese capacitors provide higher reliability under stress. MTBF is another key indicator of product reliability, and the MTBF of PSD series is greater than 500,000 hours. 

Excellent Performance:

The PSD series delivers an excellent efficiency performance of 87%, which means less energy wasted and less heat generated. Furthermore, the electric motors that are widely adopted on production lines require peak loading while they start up, so PSD series can withstand 150% peak loading (3 seconds) for these power demands.

Product List: 

  • PSD-A40W12 / 12 VDC/40 Watts DIN-Rail Power Supply 
  • PSD-A40W24 / 24 VDC/40 Watts DIN-Rail Power Supply 
  • PSD-A40W48 / 48 VDC/40 Watts DIN-Rail Power Supply 
  • PSD-A60W12 / 12 VDC/60 Watts DIN-Rail Power Supply 
  • PSD-A60W24 / 24 VDC/60 Watts DIN-Rail Power Supply
  • PSD-A60W48 / 48 VDC/60 Watts DIN-Rail Power Supply

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