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IP-Based Nurse Call System Enhances Patient Satisfaction


Solution Overview

  • IP nurse call is a communication and management system equipped with IP technology.
  • Patient safety and satisfaction is improved with the provision of alarm devices and real-time communication.
  • Nursing workflow can be streamlined with automatically recorded data that is integrated with other hospital systems.
  • Advantech healthcare information terminals are compliant with leading nurse call software and can be equipped with a wide range of peripherals for diverse application requirements.

Market Trends

  • The global nurse call system market is expected to reach US$2.78 billion by 2026, with annual growth rate of 11.4%.
  • The continued prevalence of chronic diseases is leading to increased hospitalization, which is expected to increase the global nurse call systems market growth over the coming years.
  • The success of nursing informatics improves care quality with superior nursing documentation processes,enhanced patient care planning, and optimized workflows.


  • Real-time device and software updates
  • Automatic escalation for prioritizing emergency events
  • Customizable SDKs for system monitoring, voice switching, and alert management
  • Wide range of peripherals to meet diverse needs
  • Noise cancellation for VoIP/handset device
  • Medical-grade certification

Key Features for System Integrators

  • Fail-safe emergency button and alarm light function in case of system crashes
  • Remote software and watchdog updates for convenient system management
  • Compatible with Android, Windows 10, and Ubuntu operating systems
  • High compatibility to be integrated with leading nurse call software
  • Multiple peripherals for wide variety of applications
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